The Wetlands Initiative (TWI) is hiring a new full-time Calumet Coordinator to assist with conducting wetland restoration projects in the Calumet Region. The Calumet Coordinator will be managed by the Calumet Program Manager and will assist and support them in our expanding portfolio of work in the region, supporting both current projects and new ones being developed by TWI and its collaborators.

Covering Chicago’s Southeast Side and Northwest Indiana, the Calumet was once one of the most biologically diverse wetland areas in North America. Now it is a patchwork of degraded remnants; many of them still support some biological diversity, but no longer provide the same wetland functions due to generations of industrial, commercial, and residential development. For decades, the Calumet has loomed large as an area with tremendous potential for ecological restoration and for connecting diverse communities with quality natural open space. TWI is playing a central role in a new wave of Calumet wetland restorations in both Illinois and Indiana. These collaborative projects involve multiple partners and various combinations of restricted grant funding and are at various stages of development. More online.