AIM needs to inspire, educate, and provide more opportunities for the next generation to enter the agroecology workforce. From elementary school to college, we need to foster interest in natural resources, teach the importance of conservation, and provide young people with the requisite tools and pathways to pursue further education or professional opportunities in related education, trade, science, etc. fields.

The goal of the classroom and community engagement resources provided in conjunction with AIM Illinois newsletters is to help educators discuss conservation agriculture topics and foster excitement for the future of agroecology with their students. Check out our first lesson plan, “What is conservation agriculture?” to launch students into discovery and reflection regarding best management practices and producer challenges.

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  1. What is conservation agriculture – Lesson
  2. What is conservation agriculture – Example (pdf)
  3. What is conservation agriculture – Example (ppt)
  4. What is conservation agriculture – Handout Rubric (pdf)
  5. What is conservation agriculture – Handout Rubric (ppt)